In Finland and in the other older EU countries more workers retire than new are coming along. This creates a lack of labour in different sectors, but also competition for the skilled work force. The pillars of the EU: the free movement of capital, goods, services, and labour within the EU provide companies opportunities to improve their productivity, create new markets and make their services more efficient. At the same time, employees have the possibility to gain experience, raise their level of competence and standard of living.

So far, only little of these resources have been realised. It is possible to defend Europe’s competitiveness against Asia and other regions by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the new EU countries.

Most of the countries are moving in that direction when the limitations on the free labour market are lifted in 2006. Offers from the new EU countries complement the international markets of the other countries, but also create new market areas which eventually will be beneficial to everybody.

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